Vector Bundles Days
Pau-Trieste Workshop on Vector Bundles and Related Topics
Pau, April 11-12 2013


Organizing committee
Ada Boralevi (Polish Academy of Sciences - Warsaw)
Daniele Faenzi (Université de Pau)
Emilia Mezzetti (Università di Trieste)
Jean Vallès (Université de Pau)


Invited Speakers

Ugo Bruzzo, SISSA
Stacky resolutions of moduli spaces of instantons
Laura Costa, Barcelona The representation type of Segre varieties
Philippe Ellia, Ferrara Globally generated rank two vector bundles on Pn
Frédéric Han, Paris Pfaffian bundles on cubic surfaces and configurations of planes
Laurent Manivel, Grenoble
On certain families of Fano fourfolds
Roberto Munoz, Madrid On certain manifolds with nef tangent bundle
Christian Peskine, Paris A vanishing theorem for smooth varieties of codimension 2 in the projective space and a related conjecture for
smooth varieties with  higher codimension
Edoardo Sernesi, Roma Deforming rational curves in \overline{M}_g
José Carlos Sierra, Madrid
On special birational transformations of projective spaces

Practical information

  • The workshop will take place at the University campus, here is a plan of the campus.
  • On the 11th, registration, lectures and coffee/tea breaks will take place in room 23 of Duboué building.
  • On the 12th, lectures and coffee/tea breaks will take place in room 21 of Duboué building.
  • Check out how to arrive, or check the math department "how to arrive" page (French).
  • There will be a social dinner on Thursday night.

Schedule: see here

Sponsors: ANR project GeoLMILMA, PRIN "Geometria delle varietà algebriche"

Check out the list of participants