Arrangements in Pyrénées
School on hyperplane arrangements and related topics
Pau 11 - 15 june 2012


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Organizing committee
Enrique Artal (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Jose Ignacio Cogolludo (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Daniele Faenzi (Université de Pau)
Vincent Florens (Université de Pau)
Daniel Matei (IMAR Bucharest)
Jean Vallès (Université de Pau)

Scientific committee
Anatoly Libgober (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Stefan Papadima (IMAR Bucharest)
Mario Salvetti (Università di Pisa)

Practical informations

  • The school and workshop will take place at the University campus, here is a plan of the campus.
  • Lectures will be in Amphi A, while registration and coffee/tea breaks will be in room 9 (UFR Science building), together with posters.
  • Wifi access will be given to all participants over the campus. A room with some laptops will be available at the math department (room 215).
  • Check out how to come, or check the math department "how to come" page (French).


Monday 11 Tuesday 12 Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 Friday 15
9h-10h Registration Paris I Suciu II Paris II
Suciu III
10h-10h30 Coffee break
10h30-11h20 Yoshinaga I Denham I Yoshinaga II
Denham II Paris III
11h30-12h30 Suciu I


Artal III



12h30-14h30 Lunch
14h30-15h30 Artal I Artal II

Yoshinaga III Denham III




Macinic +

Wakefield (16h20-16h50)

16h30-16h50 Tea break








Lectures titles and notes:

E. Artal Bartolo (University of Zaragoza) Topology of arrangements and position of singularities
L. Paris (Université de Bourgogne) Hyperplane arrangements and Artin groups
G. Denham (University of Western Ontario)
Commutative algebra and algebraic geometry of hyperplane arrangements
A. Suciu (Northeastern University) Topology of the Milnor fibrations of hyperplane arrangements
M. Yoshinaga (University of Kyoto) Freeness of hyperplane arrangements and divisors

Invited speakers:

N. Budur (University of Notre DameComplements and higher resonance varieties of hyperplane arrangements
F. Callegaro (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)The cohomology of the braid group B_3 with coefficients in a geometric representation
A. Libgober (University of Illinois at Chicago)Orbifold pencils and arrangments of lines
M. Granger (Université d'Angers)Partial normalization of Coxeter arrangements
H. Terao (Hokkaido University) Height basis of Weyl arrangements
S. Yuzvinsky (University of Oregon)Propagation of resonance and characteristic varieties


M. Friedman (Max Planck, Bonn) Fundamental Groups of Complements of Conic-Line Arrangements
M. Cohen (Bar Ilan University) Links arising from braid monodromy factorizations (BMF)
S. Ogata (Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University) Normality and Minkowski sum of Lattice Polytopes
E. Angelini (Università di Firenze) Logarithmic bundles attached to arrangements of conics
I. Shnurnikov (Yaroslavl State University) On the number of complement regions in submanifold arrangements
W. Traves (United States Naval Academy) Enumerative Geometry of Hyperplane Arrangements
B. Guerville (Université de Pau and Universidad de Zaragoza) Boundary manifold and complement of complex line arrangement

The school is organized by the algebra and geometry team at Université de Pau.
Arrangements in Pyrenees is also a satellite conference of ECM in Krakow

Sponsors: ANR Interlow, ANR GeoLMI, UPPA, LMA, IPRA, GDR GAGC, GDR Tresses, GDR Singularités, CR d'Aquitaine, CG 64, CdA de Pau, IUMA.

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